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Advanced Active Polymer Desiccant Wheel

Type III & Low Temperature Regeneratable Desiccant Wheel

Eks-Rotor (large wheel)
Wheel with steel rim flange

The Eks-Rotor is designed for use in dehumidifiers and will perform well when regeneration temperature is very low, under 80 deg C (180 deg F). It is made of the Polymer Desiccant. It is the world's first organic dehumidifier with an active desiccant wheel.

The efficient and durable properties of the Polymer Desiccant and the Eks-Rotor will provide years of reliable high performance and its applications are unlimited.

Eks-Rotor (small wheel)
Small wheels without steel rim flange

Eks-Rotor (sheet)
Polymer Desiccant flute, sheet


Low Temperature Regeneration

Optimum Regeneration Temp. Region

Excellent Performance for Low Temp. Use

Property comparison chart

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