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Sense extraordinary depth

FINO,which uses super-fine flat raw cotton and has an ultra-soft feeling fine weave with antibacterial and odor preventing functions added, is a refined feeling fur material for blankets..

Fur-feel,Super-fine,Antibacterial and odor preventing

Features of FINO

  1. FINO, using super-fine flat material (1.9T) at a high rate of mixture, and with a fine weave rate from spinning with a 2-inch weave, has an ultra-soft texture, which makes it an excellent feeling and extremely luxurious blanket material.

  2. The excellent fiber separation and the vertical fiber finishing give it a uniquely luxurious downy pile quality.

  3. This fabric meets SEK standards for antibacterial and odor prevention effectiveness.

  4. EXLAN's great pliability also gives this material the ability to accept vivid and composed prints.


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