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Antibacterial and odor preventing

ONFRESH is a foundation material with excellent coloring and feel that is used in EXLAN blankets, pads, carpets and mats.

2d and 3d cotton mix contributes to antibacterial and odor preventing capabilities.

Features of ONFRESH

  1. ONFRESH is an EXLAN foundation material suitable for every use, including blankets, pads, carpets and mats.

  2. This fabric combines EXLAN's characteristic soft touch with excellent pliability. The coloring potential is also excellent, making vivid and composed prints possible.

  3. This fablic exceeds SEK standards for antibacterial and odor prevention effectiveness.

The antibacterial and odor-prevention effectiveness of ONFRESH

Antibacterial and odor-prevention effectiveness

Number of times washedBacteriostasis activity value

Evaluation method

  • Home washing JIS-0217(Method 103)
  • Antibacterial effectiveness test:unified test method
    (Tested by Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation)
  • SEK effectiveness standard value:bacteriostasis activity value 2.2 or higher


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